• Leather Halfsole For High Heels

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    2GO’s leather half-soles are specifically designed for high-heeled shoes. They will fit any high heeled shoe: boots, sandals, etc. They feature supreme comfort and cushioning for the ball of the foot, a common and painful pressure point behind the toes. These insoles are best for preventing pain. They boast a luxurious look and feel that you’re sure to be very happy with. They are made of real vegetable tanned leather, which guarantees your feet will not only feel good, but also remain dry.

    You can use them for shoes you slide forward in to help push you back or to fill up space in a slightly larger pair of heels. These leather insoles are extremely durable and you’ll be able to enjoy them for many, many years.

    Most comfortable insoles for high heels  

    Women who want cushioning in the front of their heels will love these insoles. They can provide friction to stabilize your posture when wearing any pair of heels, even sky-high stilettos. The key to the success of these luxury insoles (they’re one of our most popular products) is in the thickness and material. They provide outstanding shock absorption and prevent your feet from sliding forward, which would result in loss of balance or even an accident. 

    Genuine leather also absorbs moisture and sweat, thereby eliminating embarrassing odors. Some people find the price of leather insoles to be a considerable downside. We guarantee the quality is worth it. Leather insoles like these are the best, perhaps the only choice for a durable, long-lasting, and softening effect. They will last longer than any pair of heels.

    Best leather insoles for everyday activities

    The insoles are ideal for standing and walking if you need to do that for a long time every day. They’re not intended to be worn for specific conditions. You can dance in heels comfortably in them – if you can dance in heels at all, that is. It’s not for everyone.

    Your feet will never ache during a party or official event ever again. The insoles come in all sizes from 35 to 42. Each size fits two standard shoe sizes. You should not wash them. They’re cleaned with mild soap and a damp cloth.

    You don’t need to worry about the insoles’ visibility in your shoe. The visible part of the insole is black or tan, whichever you opt for. Tan is close to the color of natural leather. They are very easy to insert into your heels. They can be left inside when you’re not wearing them as well. Check out our "Insert for comfort in high heels" for an alternative with more cushioning if your pain is strong. 

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