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    Light grey elastic silicone shoelaces

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    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons
    • Never tie shoelaces again!
    • Dirt-, dust resistant and completely waterproof
    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit

    Light gray no tie silicone shoelaces turns your shoes into slip-ons.

    Sneakers and running shoes (in all size) never have to be tied again when light gray silicone laces hold them together. Simply unlace the fabric shoelaces, then insert the light gray silicone straps into place in a few minutes. Just like that, you have a new pair of slip-ons that fit your fashion sense and lifestyle. The material lasts too, as silicone has the durability to stand up to the tests of both time and outdoor activities. It's all offered for a cheap price, in high quality, and free shipping to anywhere in the world.

    Light gray silicone strips fit most shoes for kids and adults.

    1 Pair of silicone shoelaces come with sixteen silicone strips total, 8 for each shoe. a pair of shoes with eight eyelets or less is therefore optimal. The elastic silicone material can stretch to double its length without ever becoming too tight or too lose, which means that they fit both kids and for adult shoes.

    Elastic laces are made of silicone, a highly dust/stains and water resistant material.

    Dirt and dust stick to traditional fabric laces, but with these silicone shoelaces, that will never be a problem. They’re both dust and stain resistant + completely waterproof. If they should get a stain mark cleaning off the light gray color takes a quick wipe with a damp cloth and they’ll be good as new.

    Shoes can be customized with a variety of fun colors.

    Footwear personalization is taken to new levels with silicone straps, and light gray no tie shoelaces are a particularly great starting point. As a universal color, they not only go with even the most patterned pair of running shoes, they also go with all of our other colors too. From dark gray to red laces, from blue to hot pink silicone straps, you could have all eight shoelaces on each sneaker be a different color if you wanted. It’s all in your control!

    These no tie shoelaces are easy to install.

    If your shoe holes are small, you might need to put in a slight amount of extra effort, but no matter what the situation, you'll be able to push both ends of all sixteen silicone straps in under ten minutes. And if you add up all the extra time you'll save never having to tie your shoes again, being able to save your back from the effort of bending down, that's ten minutes extremely well spent.

    You won't want to tie your shoes ever again.

    There will come a point where you see someone taking the time to tie their laces and think it looks old-fashioned. That's because the future is all about comfort and convenience. With light gray silicone no tie shoelaces, your shoes not only look excitingly stylish, they take only a second to put on, instantly providing the perfect fit, every time.

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