Light Gray OFF-WHITE Shoelaces

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Unlock Your Creativity with the Off-White Shoelaces Style in Light Gray

The light gray color Off-White inspired laces offer a more low-key look, if you are going for a classic touch to your sneakers these are the ones to go for! They work great for any sneaker such as Nikes Jordans or Air Max models, they also work great for replacement laces if you own a pair of Off-White shoes that need a slight brush up.

A Versatile Color to Create Off-White Nike Magic

Light gray goes with anything, which is perfect for people who like to mix and match their “OFF-WHITE” shoelaces with a variety of Nike models. No matter the design of your sneakers, these light gray “SHOELACES” will look and feel perfect, guaranteed. 

The Highest-Quality Shoelaces on the Market

If your new “OFF-WHITE” shoelaces aren’t exactly as pictured, we’ll give you your money back. You don’t even need to send back the laces. At FeetUnique, we take pride in delivering the best products alongside unmatched customer service. For free shipping and a 100% guarantee, order these “OFF-WHITE” shoelaces today.

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Product Code: off-white-lightgrey
Can stretch 16%
Width: 1/3 inch
Made of high quality polyester
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved