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    Oval dark gray shoelaces

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    Dark Gray Oval Shoelaces Always Bring the Thunder

    Run like lightning with dark gray oval shoelaces, designed to make running shoes effective and cleats more competitive.

    On your way to the gym, you'll see birds frantically flying away – animals can sense a storm coming.

    Park the car, then get compliments all the way to the door, because the versatility of the dark gray can go with your shoes no matter what color they are, without exception. On a bright pattern of reds and oranges, these laces serve as trails of smoke. On cool colors like blue and other hues of gray, they're like a fog blanketing a lake.

    And how do they feel?

    You'll step through the gym doors, and the place will feel brand new. People might not even recognize you. Your laces have a premium flexibility that still boasts unrivaled security. The comfort is matched only by its longevity.

    Our dark gray oval shoelaces will outlast the running shoes. And with their help, you'll outlast every last person in your go-to workout arena, even if that arena is for a professional sport.

    Here's your new forecast: every time you take a step, these laces will bring a sky-high performance. And the forecast for your competition? Cloudy with a chance of defeat.

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    Product Code: 6M-Oval-DarkGrey
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
    Can stretch 15%
    Commonly used in sports shoes
    Made of high quality polyester
    Width: 1/4"