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    Oval yellow shoelaces

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    Make Workouts Shine with Yellow Oval Shoelaces

    Yellow oval shoelaces in running shoes is like instantly owning a pair of golden feet. You'll have the kind of feet your fellow citizens rely on to win Olympic Gold Medals. They'll be the kind of feet people take insurance policies out on.

    But don't worry, you won't need to take out an insurance policy on these laces.

    No, they have the durability that means they'll outlast the shoes themselves. Perfect – you can shine that spotlight of high-performance quality on your next pair of sneakers, and the pair after that. It means you'll experience the comfort, breathability, and quality for every workout, well into the foreseeable future.

    While these yellow laces will amplify any pair of running shoes, the color isn't for everyone. It's for those who like the warm sunshine on their face. It's for those who don't mind having people admire their feet as they jog by.

    Frankly, these laces are for people with good taste. There, we said it.

    Yellow oval shoelaces aren't valuable to everyone. Would they make for a beautiful pair of necklaces? Absolutely!

    But they're mostly for those looking for the ultimate pair of running shoes. That's what these laces create, and they make the word "slow" exit your vocabulary.
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    Product Code: 6M-Oval-Yellow
    Width: 1/4"
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
    Can stretch 15%
    Commonly used in sports shoes
    Made of high quality polyester