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Oval red shoelaces

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No One Will Be Able to Keep Up with You and Your Red Oval Shoelaces

Athletes and exercisers, red oval shoelaces are for you – but be careful, because lacing these up in a pair of running shoes is like getting instant energy. It's a true shoe transformation, offering the precise features specifically designed for performance.

We wouldn't be surprised if these laces were banned at the professional sports level for being an unfair advantage.

Your feet will look like two sports cars. If you're buying these laces to have an edge over the competition in a race, you should know that these laces don't just make you a better runner, they're also intimidating to competitors. Wearing these are like revving the engine on a racecar track. The last thing they'll see is the cloud of dust you've left them in.

But will these laces get you going fast enough to run across water? We don't recommend trying it, but if it worked, we wouldn't be surprised. In fact, you might blast across a lake with such a burning-hot velocity, you'll make the whole thing evaporate.

Red oval shoelaces are instant classics, the extra power you add to your feet before you look up towards the finish line.

And with these on, every finish line just got a lot closer.

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Product Code: 6M-Oval-Red
Width: 1/4"
Made of high quality polyester
Commonly used in sports shoes
Can stretch 15%
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved