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    Oval light gray shoelaces

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    With Light Gray Oval Shoelaces, You'll Run Like the Wind

    Running shoes aren't complete without light gray oval shoelaces. Period.

    You know the feeling of stepping into an air-conditioned building after a nice, long jog in the hot sun? The flexibility of these laces offers the perfect level of breathability, reintroducing you to that sensation before, during, and after every workout.

    You know how it can be literally life-threatening to have your laces come untied when you're running up a trail where two steep slopes plummet down from both sides? The friction our laces are famous for ensure that your feet are always in safe hands.

    And the color is about as versatile as it gets. You don't know where you're going to be running off to, so white probably isn't the best choice. But light gray? You're more discerning about when to bring the thunder.

    Yeah, light gray is that perfect medium, and it goes with every color, without exception. That's why computers and web browsers are so often a light gray or silver – no matter how vibrant our screen resolutions become, light gray is going to make it look sexier.

    What was that? Something whished past. Was it the breeze?

    No. It was you in your light gray oval shoelaces. Not only will they not see you coming, they won't even be able to tell what passed them.

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    Product Code: 6M-Oval-LightGrey
    Width: 1/4"
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
    Can stretch 15%
    Commonly used in sports shoes
    Made of high quality polyester